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Fulves, Karl: Impromptu Holdouts
©1977 Karl Fulves, Teaneck, NJ
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 50 pages
Impromptu Holdouts
Image courtesy e-Bay seller KochMagic

Comments: Kochmagic. From the introduction: "This book deals with impromptu holdout methods, that is, methods of sleeving and retrieval from the sleeve, based on new handling principles. The methods are easy. The basic method can be learned in five minutes. Will take longer to master, but it can be learned quickly, even if you are an amateur, because does not start from a difficult move like a side steel or angle palm. From out front the basic moves looks like this. You spread the deck between the hands, square up the pack and hand it to a spectator. That's it. There is no palming or lapping. Yet a chosen card or group of cards like the four aces have vanished from the deck. The move can be done 6 inches from the eyes of a card expert, or it can be done from the platform. It is invisible because cards themselves provide more than enough cover. There is, um, one more thing. Although you sleeve a card, you do not have to wear a jacket to perform the move. The reason for this is that you do not sleeve the card into the jacket sleeve. You sleeve the card into the shirt sleeve."


2 Secret Sleeving
5 Notes On The Handling
6 The Drop Point: routine
8 Dumping The Gaff
8 Psi/bernetics: routine
10 Evilopes: routine

11 Scram: routine
14 Multiple Card Loading
14 Premium Poker: routine
16 Fail-Safing The Experts
19 Insta Sleeve
19 Hank Tunnel

20 Oblivion
21 Works With Black: routine
22 Limbo: routine
23 Boggled: routine
25 The Impromptu Holdout
27 The Exit Move
31 Premonition I: routine
32 Slydini'a Any-Card-Cull
32 Premonition II: routine

33 Soliloquy: routine
35 Negative Sleeving
36 Exit Left
38 Topping The Aces: routine
39 Recalled: routine
39 Fan Retrieval
40 Non-Square Loading
42 Stop At Nothing: routine
44 Undercover Loading
45 Prepare To Die: routine

47 Other applications
48 A Child's Garden of Problems