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Fulves, Karl: Easy-to-Do Magic Tricks For Children
©1993 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486276139
Paper, 32 Pages, 8.5x11"

Easy To Do Magic Tricks for Children
Image from Dover Publications

Comments (Dover Publications): Clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions for performing 18 simple feats of prestidigitation: Strength Test, Untangled, Elastic Lock, Mystic Spinner, Rollaway, Heavyset, The Great Escape and many more, using such ordinary objects as coins, rubber bands and string.


5 The Strength Test: (Stunt) Spectator can't separate magician's hands, but magician can separate spectator's
6 Untangled: Vanishing Knot in shoelace
8 Elastic Look: A rubber band penetrates another wrapped around the fingers
10 Mystic Spinner: spinning coin trick
11 Rollaway: drinking straw rolls on command
12 Memory Plays Tricks
14 Heavyset
16 Static Cling
18 The Great Escape
20 Dating Game
22 Wuffle Tube
24 A Mind for Figures
25 Color Sense: magican determines color of crayon behind his back
26 Loopy Loop: two string or band loops change places instantly
27 Silk from Nowhere: production from newspaper
28 Unlisted Numbers: number prediction
29 Pick a Pet: pet prediction
30 Catch No Catch: simple verion of loopy-loop