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Fulves, Karl: Easy-to-Do Card Tricks for Children
©1989 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486261530
Paperback,  48 pages, 8.5x11"
Easy to Do Card Tricks for Children

Comments: A set of card tricks that are quite different from your usual set of "beginner's" tricks, yet still simple enough for the young magician to perform.


5 Introduction (Karl Fulves)
7 Contents
11 Hands Off: a mathematical revelation performed in the spectator's hands
12 Infallible: number of face up cards in magician's heap matches those in spectator's pile
12 This Is It!: a spelling trick
14 Fingerprints: the 2 of hearts locates a selection (Key Card)
15 The Gambler: a poker deal with a somewhat strange dealing method
16 Nerve: Magician determines which card will be chosen (to be performed one-on-one only!)
17 Bermuda Triangle: a story line to reveal the spectator's selection
18 Antigravity: a card rises from the deck
20 The Magic Spell: the cards A-7 are spelled out
21 Love Match: a lover's quarrel is quicly remedied in this visual change
23 Twenty-Twenty: the Jack of Diamonds uses X-ray vision to reveal three cards
24 Mind Over Matter: selection found by dealing packets
24 The Message Deck: a clever prediction trick
26 Gambler's Dream: with red and black hands
27 A Fortune: a contest in which the spectator doesn't get the best prize
28 Lucky Seven: a face up card appears in the deck and locates the selection
29 Dr. Q: The Q mathematical prediction trick
31 The Joker Thinks: revelation of two cut-to cards
32 Crazy Colors: deck is shuffled by specatator and cut into 3 heaps; one heap is all red, and another is all black
34 Astral Mind: follow up to the above trick
35 Flyaway: selected card vanishes and is found in the card case
36 The Secret: card is restored to original position in packet
37 Surprise Reverse: selection reverses itself in the deck
38 Magnetic Fingers: Spectator's finger that is over the selection can't be lifted!
39 Easy Aces: Spectator locates the four aces
40 Atomic Aces: Aces gather to one pile (follow up to above)
41 Levitation: card floats behind the fingers
43 Triple Mystery: magician matches three selections
44 Fast Find: cards are found by tossing deck between the hands
46 Hidden Diamonds: Boys seek diamonds in this trick with a story line