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Fulves, Karl: Color Quik
©1980 Karl Fulves, Teaneck, NJ
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 50 pages
Color Quik
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayandLefty

Comments (JayandLefty): Card effects from the brilliant and prolific Mr. Fulves illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt. From the book, "The tricks in this chapter are billed as instant, visual color separations. The red cards are face-up and outjogged from start to finish. The audience sees that the colors are mixed. Merely by turning the fan of cards over, the colors are unmixed."


1 Introduction

3 Six Quik
6 Quik Ending
8 The Optical Trap
9 Color Quik
14 A Red Queen Note
15 Red Alert
16 Super Gaff Method
16 Final Red Notes
20 The OJ Count
23 Tying the Knot

25 Automatic Oil (In 3 Acts)
27 Arm Twister
27 Diagonal Switch
28 Cornered Colors
29 Lone Impromptu
30 Red Riser
31 Ultra Mix
31 Vertical 4
32 Whereabouts
33 Scribble
34 Interspace
36 The Cards That Can't Be Mixed

41 Backless
42 He's Back
44 Problem Box
45 Mesmerism
47 Slider
48 Endings