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Fulves, Karl: Cards #4 Side Steal
©1981 Karl Fulves, Teaneck, NJ
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 7x8.5", 60 pages
Cards Four: Side
Image courtesy e-Bay seller KochMagic

Comments (KochMagic): "If you don’t know and use the side steal, you should. If you already do, this book will help you refine your understanding of the technique. One of the best ways to learn a sophisticated card move like the side steal is to divide the move in small steps, learn each step, and then go on to the next step. In the case of the side steal there are many individual elements so the step-by-step approach seems justified. One must learn how to handle the peak, obtain the break, sidejogging the peaked card, and then palming. But so far, no new ground has been covered. Many writers advocate a step-by-step approach. What is believed to be new here is that each element is considered separately as an end in itself. This means that when learning the method of sidejogging a card, the reader will also learn individual tricks which exploit the single technique. When confidence has been gained, the reader can then go on to the more sophisticated applications of the incomplete side steal."


1 Learning To Steal
2 Simple Side Steal
5 The Buckle Steal
7 Buckle Buckle
8 Push Out
9 Incomplete Side Steal (Jacob Daley)
11 Daley's Card Thru Hank (Martin Gardner)
13 Steal And Shuffle
14 Modified Side Steal
17 Side Steal Reverse
17 Mind Control: Ultra Mental Deck
18 Cut And Steal
20 Cut And Double Steal
20 Peek Technique
22 Peek Control
22 Peek Trap
26 Side Steal Technique: The Rapid Steal
27 Swindle Steal
28 Free Form Steal
31 Negative Side Steal
34 Side Steal Placement (Derek Dingle)
39 Throw Steal
40 Trapped In The Past
40 The DC Sandwich (Don Costollo)
43 Past Performance
44 OH - The Preliminaries
45 The Covered Top Palm
48 The Cut/Deal Problem
50 The One-Hand Side Steal
51 Hilliard's Side Steal (J. N. Hilliard)
53 LePaul's Side Steal (Paul LePaul)
53 New Theory Side Steal (Harvey Rosenthal)
56 A Peek At The Princess
58 Steal To Place
59 Double Thrusts
60 Placement Palm