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Fulves, Karl: Cards 3 Interlock
©1980 Karl Fulves, Teaneck, NJ
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 7x8.5", 72 pages
Cards 3
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayAndLefty

Comments: Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt. "When deck is in the Interlock condition, one or more cards from the upper half are interlocked with one or more cards from lower half. This may seem a slender idea on which to base the content of an entire book, but one of the fascinating features of magic is a simple idea like this can indeed be exploited in ingenious ways by clever minds, to produce a variety of brilliant applications."


1 Naming Names
3 Dai Vernon's Method
4 A Quick Lock (Harvey Rosenthal)
8 Immediate Lock
10 Buried Alive
11 Overhand Shuffle Method
13 Derek Dingle's Method
15 Riddle's Aces (Derek Dingle)
18 Espionage
21 Bottom Double Lift
23 Center Double Lift
25 In Pieces
27 Work Notes
30 From The Table
31 Inter-Silver
32 More Work Notes
34 Interlock Aces
40 The (No Kidding) Final Notes

42 Part Two: Ken Beale Section
42 The Interlock Switch
45 Switch For a 4-Ace Trick
46 Positive & Negative Cards
48 Pick-Up Break Procedure
49 Interlock Sandwich Switch
50 Interlock Steal
53 Stealing The First Card
54 Steal Of A Chosen Card
55 Interlock Steal Variation
57 Optical Interlock
62 Side Switch
64 Near Royalty
67 Ralph Hull's Elusive Joker