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Frost, Ron: Tricks From the Wax Museum
©1980 Ron. Frost Productions, Pub by D. Robbins & Co., Inc., NY
Paper, stapled, 38 pages
Tricks from a Wax Museum
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Movie-Movies

Comments: Using Magician's Wax. Cover Illustration by Joseph Wierzbicki


4 Ron Frost: brief biography
5 Foreword (Ron Frost)
7 Your Choice/My Choice: spectator chooses 1 of 5 jumbo blank cards on a stand, and the prediction matches
10 When the Chips are Down: poker chips and envelopes match
13 Unxplained?!: mentalist marks a jumbo card, which matches the spectator's selection
17 Your Number's Up: variation of Your Choice/My Choice
20 Pencil Flight Four: selected pencil transposes from one envelope to another
23 The Glasshopper: coin penetrates card into glass
26 Diminishing Dice: two in the hand and one in the pocket, with surprise ending
30 The Swatter: pile is hit with fly swatter and reveals selection
33 It's Lost?: a letter card is Lost (Use for your alphabet cards; needs two S's)
36 That's It!: packet trick