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Frederick, Charles: The Book of Magic
©1994 Charles Frederick; Stanley Paul and Co., Ltd, London
Hardcover w/DJ, 175 pages
ISBN: 0091785464
The Book of Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller DonBursell
Charles Frederick: The Book of Magic


Contents (Chapters Only, from book ToC):

7 Introduction
29 Simple Tricks for Beginners
47 Paraphernalia and Basic Deceits
57 Sleights With Coins and Small Objects
77 Performing With Playing Cards
93 Frogs, Fish and Other Creatures
103 Seances, Spiritual Illusions and Transformations
127 Seeing Is Believing
137 Torture and Bloodthirsty Tricks
153 Sensational Illusions
167 The End of the Show
172 Glossary