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Fraps, Thomas, The Book or Don't Forget to Point!
by The Flicking Fingers: Thomas Fraps, Helge Thun, and Jorg Willich
1998 Published by Kaufman and Company
Hardcover, 177 pages
The Book or Don't Forget to Point
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Jondb500

Comments: Illustrated by Joachim "Jogo" Mezger, layout and design by Jorg Willich. Content descriptions compiled from the Flicking Fingers Website

Contents: (From book ToC; updated Feb 2017)

9 Don't Forget to Point: Dai Vernon and Mark Wilson and pointing
10 Introduction (Max Maven)
13 Introduction - German Edition (Piet Forton)

16 Close-Up
16 The Tweezers (Thomas Fraps): two coins appear at the end of tweezers, then the tweezers change into a 3rd coin
20 Snap-Shot (Rainer Pfeiffer)
22 Change (Rainer Pfeiffer)
26 Gummi-Bear Penetration (Jorg Willich): a gummi bear penetrates a glass of wine
30 Scrooge McDuck (Thomas Fraps): A coin is magically removed from and then returned to the cellophane wrapper around a pack of cigarettes.
33 Painting the Town Red (Pit Hartling): spectator picks a town in a table of contents; magician's map points to that town
35 The Fruit Cups (Helge Thun, Manuel Muerte, Rainer Pfeiffer): A two cup routine; one being a Chop Cup

38 Cards
48 Instant Camera Card (Thomas Fraps, Helge Thun): The mental image of a selected card is "taken" by the camera-cardcase. The blank "photo" visibly develops into the signed and selected card.
52 Party Animal (Pit Hartling)
56 Providence '93 (Helge Thun)
62 Bombshell (Helge Thun): A signed and selected card is to be found by a fuse and explosive, but turns out to be the Joker. The signed card is found in the matchbox.
64 - Loading Methods
64 -- In the Jacket
65 -- Impromptu
66 -- It Can't Get Better
69 It's Shoe-Time! (Manuel Muerte): card to wine glass fails; card AND wine glass are found in shoe!
73 Double-Bind (Helge Thun): A signed, selected card appears folded and rubber-banded inside a plastic container of rubber bands.
79 The Chameleon (Pit Hartling): A gimmick to allow a joker to assume the identity of three different cards.
84 Cupid (Pit Hartling): A "cupid" joker causes a selected card to find its mate, then two selected cards to find mates, then for all the cards to mate.
88 If Worse Comes to Worse (Thomas Fraps, Helge Thun): Two spectators each select a card and shuffle them back into the deck. A third spectator thinks of a card. Performer finds all three cards.
92 The Sympathetic Ten (Jorg Alexander): Ace through 10 of clubs placed in order and placed in wine glass. Ace through 10 of Hearts displayed, and spectator selects one card and reverses it, and shuffles the packet. First wine glass is covered momentarily with a silk, and matches the order of the Hearts packet

100 Ideas
100 Hammer Their Socks off (Jorg Willich): A hammer is produced from the air
102 The . . . Idea (Pit Hartling)
104 Flip-Flap Flourish (Helge Thun)
108 Action Fan Palm (Helge Thun)
110 Bolt and Nut (Nikolai Friedrich)
112 Mismade-Warp (Rainer Pfeiffer): Card Warp/Greenwarp ending where the dollar changes into a mis-made bill
114 Unfinished (Jorg Willich)
115 Chaos-Cut (Pit Hartling): false cut that retains the entire deck order.
116 Out-of-Order Shuffle (Pit Hartling)
118 ThumbTips (Stephan Kirschbaum): clever method for ditching a thumb-tip
120 A Rose is a Rose is a Rose (Stephan Kirschbaum): rose from purse frame
122 Insider (Thomas Fraps)
124 Dribbled (Thomas Fraps)
125 Sticking to the Gypsy Thread (Jorg Alexander): idea for eliminating backtracking the effect
126 Stretching "Stretched" (Peter Gunn)

132 Theory
132 Being Creative with Magic (Jorg Willich): essay
140 Brainstorming-Brainwarming (Jorg Willich): an example of brainstorming with an effect
141 The Ice-Cube Effect (Jorg Willich): Three ice cubes shaped like clubs reveal the spectator's selection
142 The Blind Spot (Thomas Fraps): essay on magic from the spectator's perspective
156 Acting Wrong (Gaston): essay on acting and the magician
162 Status and Improvisation (Helge Thun): essay on the magician and audience control

175 Finally
175 Epilogue (Mike Caveney): about Die Fertigen Finger
176 Picture Bibliography
177 Acknowledgments