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Flicking Fingers: 7 Close Up
©No Date, The Flicking Fingers
Paper, stapled, 28 pages
7 Close Up
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Movie-Movies

Comments: Tricks Designed by: Jorg Alexander, Thomas Fraps, Pit Hartling, Rainer Pfeiffer, Guido Schmalriede, Helge Thun, and Jorg Willich (The Flicking Fingers)


1 Content, Impressum
2 Seven-Close-Up: Introduction
4 The Party Animal (Pit Hartling)
7 The Oedipus-Complex (Rainer Pfeiffer)
10 One of These Days (Jorg Willich)
12 Branded Card II (Jorg Alexander Weber)
17 Time Is Money (Guido Schmalriede)
21 Doctored Bill (Helge Thun)
25 The wHole Money in the Purse (Thomas Fraps)