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Frame, Lawrence: Close Up Framework
1986 Martin Breese
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 28 Pages
Close Up Framework
Image courtesy Shayun-Yee

Comments: Illustrations by Roy Johnson. This is a collection of some of the favorite close up routines of Lawrence Frame.

Contents: (updated Jan 2017)

2 Preface (Lawrence Frame)
3 Introduction (Gordon Bruce)

4 Spellbound Climax: 2p coins transforms to 10p; then into a button which has transposed with the coin
7 Compression: a version of Vernon's Twisting the Aces
10 Ambitious Aces Repeat (Jerry Sadowitz)
14 The Swahili Prediction
17 Commercial Coin in Pack
20 Cards Across, Climax
22 Irish Coins Thru: Table
24 Together Again: A jumbo card version of Jerry Sadowitz' Come Together