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Fox, Karrell: Simply Magic Lecture Notes
©1991 Karrell Fox
Softcover, stapled, 12 pages
Simply Magic
Image courtesy Magicref

Comments: Low-production value lecture notes. Though the print quality is low, there are some good ideas in this set of lecture notes.


2 Hi There! (Karrell Fox): Introduction
3 Here's Lookin' At You: A 2nd spectator removes the card selection from a paper bag where the deck has been placed
4 Scissrope: idea for cut and restored rope gimmick
5 Embarrassed Medal: gag
6 Pane-Full Card Trick: card selection gag
7 Stringaring: borrowed finger ring is found on a length of yarn that's been hanging out of a bag
8 Silkvan: silk vanish using a TT as a ruse
9 A.P. Card in Balloon: card selection is found in balloon
10 Silk Newspaper: silks from newspaper
11 The Cereal Killer: cereal box prediction
12 Stuck With It: Spectator says stop as deck is dealt; selected card has stamp on it