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Fox, Karrell: AbraKFox
©1983 Karrell Fox
Paper, perfect-bound, 128 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Zigby7

Comments (Zigby7): To quote the "Great Tomsoni", John Thompson, - "If you enjoy simple sure-fire magic that pays off in laughter and entertainment value, then you will enjoy this book." this book will inspire both the magical amateur and the seasoned pro. He includes something for everyone. Close-up, comedy gags, mentalism, and stage. You get twenty-seven great routines. He also includes the Memories and Magic of Duke Stern. Illustrations by Mike Allen, Photography by Karlin Fox.


7 Foreword
8 Acknowledgments
11 Introduction

15 Part 1 Abrakfox Magic
15 Cut That Out
19 Fake Dynamite
25 Cig-a-silk
29 A Better Bendix
35 E Z Roller
39 Drop Out
45 20/20 Funny
48 A Blank Look on Their Faces
53 Super Scooper
55 Lost and Found Plus Love
57 Center-Tear Trio
57 - Symbol-Minded
59 - A Lot of Balloon-y
62 - The End of the Torn Center
65 Right to the Point
69 The Missing Links
69 - Lightning Linkunlink
71 - The Pushover
73 - Liftoff
75 Foxy Wrist Tie
79 Constantopit

85 Part 2 Only One Per Lifetime
85 Flashback
89 Duke's Autobiography
91 Duke's Milk Evaporator
94 Memorial
98 Duke's The Almost Ten Count
100 Duke Stern Memorial Service
104 Duke's Thimble
107 Duke Stern "A Prince of a Guy"
110 Duke's Copper and Silver Coins Routine
115 A True Story
117 Duke's Guatemala Rope Trick
122 E Pluribus Unum Letter

125 Afterword
128 October 1973 Reprint of "Fox-Tales"