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Foster, Neil (Editor): Tops 1962 Trick Annual
©1962 Abbott Magic Manufacturing Company, Colon, MI
Paper, stapled, 30 pages
Tops 1962 Trick Annual
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3 Phonovision Illusion
6 The Magic Mirror
8 Repeat Vanishing Silk Routine
9 Abbott's Short and Sweet
10 Bird Cage To Silk
11 Feather Bouquets, Methods For Production
11 Flash Appearance, Two Bouquets
12 Rice's Sympathetic Silks E-Z Knot Release
14 Walking Through A Steel Plate Illusion
15 Louine's Egg Bag Routine
16 Rajah Turban Mystery
17 Club Performer's Spook Act
18 The Hindu Cups
20 Travel
22 Climax Blue Phantom
23 Kid Show Chapeau
24 Fox's 'Fool-Eroid' Camera
25 Stage Deportment
26 With The Okito Coin Box
27 Balloon-Egg-Card Trick
28 Silks And Bag Trick
29 Mel's Confuso Card Trick
30 Zella's Amazing Discovery
31 Just A Couple Of Old Ones
32 Esper Unlimited