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Forrest, David: Ripped & Repaired
©2004 David Forrest
Photographed by: David Forrest
Staple-Bound; 28 pages
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Ripped & Repaired
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Comments (Andrew Loh): A great collection of many wonderful and doable items.  Highly recommended!


2 Ripped and Repaired: A brand new method for the torn and restored card that is as amazing as it is easy to perform.
8 Twirl and Shout: A card on the table from before the trick began transforms into the signed card.
12 Dear Diary: A diary is used to reveal a signed card, far too strange to be a coincidence.
17 Take Note: A prediction written on a notepad visibly changes to a signed selection as it is torn from the pad.
21 Signature Piece: A signed two-card transpo with a difference. This blows people away.
23 Boxing Clever: A super-easy card to matchbox where the simple gimmick does all the work.