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Flosso, Al: Our Mysteries
1941 John Mulholland, Sphinx Publishing Corporation, NY
Hardcover, 63 pages

1966 Flosso Hornmann Magic Co., NY
Softcover, 81 pages

Our Mysteries
Image Courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor
Our Mysteries
Image courtesy eBay seller OurMagic

Comments: Later released by Flosso Hornmann Magic Co. in softcover. A collection of routines by some very famous magicians, one each. Includes effects by Al Baker, Roy Benson, Al Flosso, Robert Harbin, Leo Hartz (Horowitz), "Think-a-Drink" Hoffman, Eugene Laurant, Magini, Miaco, Russell Swann. Illustrated by Harlan Tarbell. Available as an e-Book from
Flosso update also includes "12 Annemann Buried Treasures" (not listed below)

Contents: (page numbers added Feb 2017)

3 Introduction: by John Mulholland
9 The Finger Knows - And Tells (Al Baker): magician determines which of 5 cards were thought of using a physiological secret
14 The Glass Trick (Roy Benson): a handkerchief vanishes from a glass
19 Seven Coins (Al Flosso): three coins in one hand, four in the other; suddenly there are all seven coins in one hand!
24 The Pierced Cards (Robert Harbin): two selections become threaded on a ribbon
28 Duo Flight (S. Leo Horowitz): two blue cards join a red deck that was sealed in an envelope
33 Beer and Milk ("Think-a-Drink" Hoffman): a picture of a keg produces beer, the picture is converted into a cow, and now spurts of milk are produced.
39 The Nest of Boxes (Eugene Laurant): several rings are borrowed from the audience, pounded into metal, shot toward a box, and all the rings are found tied to a ribbon in the box
44 Fishbowl Production (Magini): for stage
49 Production of Two Pigeons (Miaco): for stage
54 The Card in the Banana (Russel Swann): selected card is found in a banana; with a clever way to steal the card
59 Biographical Notes: of each featured performer