Fleshman, Dan: The Very Best, Yet!
©No Date, Dan Fleshman
Paper, comb-bound, 40 pages
The Very Best, Yet!
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Comments:Commercial Close-Up and Stand-Up Magic


1 Rollover Half Dollars
2 Coin Matrix
5 Surprise! Reverse Matrix Again
9 Mr. Yanagida's Reverse Matrix
10 Flushed Out
13 A Twist on a Twist
17 Oil Slick
19 3 in 1 Revelation
23 Four Ace Revelation
24 Momma In My Wallet
26 PDQ Aces - In Case the Aces Leave
29 Some Prediction
31 No Palm Inversion
33 The Changing Aces
34 Kiss Me You Fool!
36 Card to Pants (Fly)
37 A Bullet for a Cowboy
39 Dream On