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Fleshman, Dan: Close-Up With Dan Fleshman Lecture No. Two
©1985 (circa) Dan Fleshman, self-published
Softcover, report-cover binding, 8.5x11", 23 pages
Close Up With
              Dan Fleshman Lecture No. Two
Image from Magicref

Comments: Minimal illustrations, but some good effects


ii Dedication: to Terri Williams
1 Another Re-Set, Oh Brother!: Dan's version of Paul Harris' Reset, Aces and Kings Transposition
3 What's 50¢ to You, Buddy: cards pops out of the deck with a 50 cent piece
6 Invisible Filtration: four coin matrix (half dollars) using hands instead of cards
7 Fourth Dimension (Rick Island Ring): card selection if pulled out from another dimension thru a brass ring (bracelet sized)
8 Three Coins and One Card Game: coins move underneath a card
11 Coin Matrix: with four coins and four cards
13 Revised Tell Tale Aces (Larry Jennings): Aces reveal the suit of a selection, and then one Ace becomes the selection
17 Coins to Glass: one coin at a time from the left hand to a glass
19 PDQ Aces In Case the Aces Leave: Card selections found between the Aces in the Card box