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Fleshman, Dan: Close Up With Dan Fleshman
©Undated, circa 1984, Dan Fleshman
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 20 pages
Close Up With Dan
Image from Magicref



1 Dedication
2 Cartoon
3 Portable Hole: coin effect using half dollars, a "hole", and 2 large coins
6 Coins to Glass: four coins travel invisibly from hand to hand, falling into a glass each time. Last coin is visually pushed through the bottom of the glass
8 Coin Assembly: coin and card assembly with production of 12 coins
10 Cannibal Cards: Four Kings cannibalize Two Queens
11 Invisible Flight of the Aces: Aces vanish one at a time to appear face up in the deck; the last Ace vanishes to join the others face down on the table
13 Sandwich Jacks: Red Jack sandwiched between Red Aces and Black Jack sandwiched between Black Aces; the Jacks transpose after packets are inserted into the deck
14 Watch This Next One: a matrix style effect using cubes and with a giant watch climax
16 Acrobatic Aces: Four Aces lost in the deck jump out one at a time
18 Jacks or Better: Jacks and Queens transposition with a Royal Flush climax
19 Revised Itinerant Pasteboards: selection transposes with another card between two Aces