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Fleming, Paul: The Paul Fleming Book Reviews Volume III
©1978 Lloyd E. Jones, Magic Limited
Hardcover, 200 pages
The Paul Fleming Book Reviews Volume III
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Jondb500

Comments: Third volume of Mr. Flemings collections of magic book reviews

Contents: (page numbers may not be fully accurate)

1 Trevor H. Hall: The Testament of Ralph W. Hull
7 Edwin T. Sachs: Sleight of Hand (Fourth Edition)
10 Maskelyne and Devant: Our Magic Second Edition
14 Trevor H. Hall: Reading is Believing
17 Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue: The Invisible Pass
19 Senor Charles Mardo: Routined Magic
20 Douglas Craggs: Masterpieces of Magic Volume I
23 Edward Victor: Further Magic of the Hands
26 Alexander, C: Life and Mysteries of the Celebrated Dr. Q
28 Wilfrid Johnson: But Not to Play
32 Goodliffe, The Magician: Simply Wizard
36 Dariel Fitzkee: Rings In Your Fingers
38 Stanley Collins: A Conjuring Melange
40 Trevor H Hall; Nothing is Impossible
42 Arthur Buckley: Card Control
44 Lewis Ganson: Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards
54 Henry Hay: Learn Magic
56 Peter Warlock: Patterns for Psychics
59 Edward Maurice: Showmanship and Presentation
68 Victor Farelli: Convincing Coin Magic
69 Billy McComb: The First Book of William
71 Tommy Windsor: Dye Box Book
73 Senor Charles Mardo: Applause
74 Dhotel Dr. Jules: Magic with Small Apparatus (Translated by Paul Fleming)
84 Jack Le Dair: Tricks of a Trouper
87 Milbourne Christopher and Hen Fetsch: Magic At Your Finger Tips
90 Jean Hugard Magic Monthly Book Edition No. 2 (Volumes III and IV)
91 Walter H. Gibson: Professional Magic for Amateurs
96 Eric C. Lewis and Wilfrid Tyler: Open Sesame
96 Max Andrews: Sixteen Card Index Gems
100 Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue: The Royal Road to Card Magic
103 Theo. Annemann: Miracles of Card Magic
104 Harold R. Rice: Encyclopedia of Silk Magic
113 George G. Kaplan: The Fine Art of Magic
116 John Brearley: Con-Junior-ing
116 Milbourne Christopher: Conjuring with Cards
120 Harlan Tarbell: The Tarbell Course in Magic Volume V
122 Robert Harbin: Paper Magic
126 Milbourne Christopher: 50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip
129 Majikans: Magic Feats
130 Maurice Sardina: The Magic of Rezvani
131 Victor Faerelli: John Ramsey's Cylinder and Coins
133 Henry Hay: Cyclopedia of Magic
134 Jean Hugard Magic Monthly Book Edition No. 3 Volumes VI and VI)
136 T.H. Chislett: Spirits in the House
137 Victor Farelli: John Ramsay's Routine With Cups and Balls
143 Willilam Mayoh: Magic by Ho-Yum
148 Orville Meyer: Magic in the Modern Manner
152 Paul Le Paul: The Card Magic of Le Paul
156 Glenn G. Gravatt: Final Selection
158 Lewis Ganson: Routined Manipulation
161 Maurice Sardina: Where Houdini Was Wrong (Translated by Victor Farelli)
164 Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue: Expert Card Technique (3rd Enlarged Edition)
170 John Scarne: Scarne on Card Tricks
173 Al Baker: Mental Magic
175 Henry Hay: The Amateur Magician's Handbook
177 Jean Hugard Magic Monthly Book Edition No. 4 Volume VII
179 C.L. Boarde: Mainly Mental Volume II
186 Geoffrey Bckingham: It's Easier Than You Think
186 Jean Hugard Magic Monthly Book Edition No. 5 Volume VIII
188 Keith Clark: Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks
188 Lewis Ganson: Routined Manipulation Part II
190 Bobo, JB: Modern Coin Magic
192 Peter Warlock: Peter Warlock's Book of Magic
195 Jerry Andrus: Andrus Deals You In
196 Jean Hugard Magic Monthly Book Edition No. 6 Volume IX