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Fleischman, Sid & Bob Gunther: The Blue Bug
1947 Lloyd E. Jones, Magic Ltd, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 20 pages
The Blue Bug
Image courtesy e-Bay Seller MagicCollectiblesPlus

Comments: A Manual of Sorcery with Cigarette Papers


4 Preface

5 Chapter One
5 Basic Finger Palm
5 Obtaining the Extra Pellet
7 One Handed Switch
7 Disposing of the Bug

9 Chapter Two
9 The Blue Bug
9 Paper Penetration
10 The Travelling Pellets
11 Nest of Cigarette Papers
12 Pick a Paper
13 Find the Lady
13 The Lady Found
14 The Bug Vanishes
15 The Surprise Vanish
15 F&G Torn-Restored Cigarette Papers
16 Carl Stern's Torn-Restored Cigarette Papers

17 Chapter Three Miscellany
17 Balancing the Cigarette Paper
17 Sucker Stuff
17 Roll Vanish
18 The Unknown Pellet
18 With Bug and Key
18 Rolling a Cigarette With One Hand

20 Recommended Magic