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Fixen, Laura: The True Secret of Mind Reading
As Performed by the Zancigs and Other Artists
©1912 Laura G. Fixen, Pub. Diamond Dust, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 4x9", 26 pages
True Secret of Mind Reading
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Laura Fixen: True Secret of Mind Reading

Comments: Full title is, "The True Secret of Mind Reading As Performed by the Zancigs and Other Artists, Including Carter, The Magician and Abigail Price".


i High-Class Mystery: Advertisement for -
i - Silent System of Second Sight
i - Blindfolding With Handkerchief for Second Sight Acts
i - The Chess Knights Tour
i - Kellar's Conjurer's Telegraph

3 Preface
4 How the Zancig System Was Obtained: with permission
5 How the Carter-Price Act Was Secured: through purchase
6 How to Apply the Second Sight System: two person code
6 To Tell Letters
8 The Zancig's Code
9 To Tell Numbers
9 To Tell Dates
9 Dates
10 To Tell Money
11 To Tell Names
12 To Tell Articles
13 Articles By Series
20 Countries
21 Lodges and Orders
22 Colors
22 Silent Cues

23 The Fays' Great Act: Greatest Mind Reading Act of All the Centuries: advertisement
25 High Class Mystery: advertisement continued for -
25 - The New Pin Test, a Startler!
25 - Sealed Letter Reading
25 - Silent Second Sight (New)
25 - Burned in the Flame Message Test
26 - Telepathic Book Mystery
26 - The Very Latest Table Lifting
26 - The Dancing Handkerchief