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Fitzkee, Dariel: Rope Eternal, or The Only Six Ways to Restore A Rope
1944 Daniel Fitzroy, Saint Rafael House, CA
1984 Reprint, D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 52 pages
              Only Six Ways to Restore a Rope
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Rope Eternal
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Comments:Originally published as "The Only 5 Ways to Restore a Rope"; reprinted as "Rope Eternal" in 1957. A decent book on cut and restored rope.


5 Preface to Cut and Restored Rope

6 Chapter 1: Introductory Remarks
6 The Absolute Necessities: Rope, Cutting tool, Hands, and Intelligence
7 The Trick Itself: don't lose site!
7 The Basic Methods: 6 methods outlined
8 The Rope

9 Chapter 2 Basic Method Number One: Disguising the Ends - The Figure Eight
9 The False Knot
11 A False Knot Resulting in a Sliding Knot
11 Dr. Ervin's Variation of the Figure Eight
13 The Fitzkee Variation of the Figure Eight
15 The Turban Trick Method
17 The Ervin Trip Loop
19 Quadruple Cut with the Ervin Trip Loop
19 Repeated Cuts With A Sliding Knot to Disguise the Ends
23 A You Do As I Do Routine Based on the Interlocked Loop
24 The Wright and Larsen Many Cut Principle
24 Summary

26 Chapter 3 Basic Method Number Two - Disguise the Center
26 Methods of Joining the Ends Together
27 A Rope Trick With the Germaine Principle - East Indian Rope Trick
29 The Tarbell Addition to the Germaine Principle
30 To Start With a Straight Length
31 The Grant Sliding Knot Principle
31 Grant's Improvement
33 Zenith Rope Trick

35 Chapter 4 Basic Method Number Three - Pretended Cutting
36 The Pnenomenal Rope Trick
36 Cutting the Core
37 Wizzo - Folding Envelope
37 Devil's Pillars: Chinese Stick type method
38 Grant Stage Method
39 Malini's String Trick

41 Chapter 5 Basic Method Number Four - Pretended Repair
41 The Kellar String Trick
42 The Slow Motion Method

43 Chapter 6 Basic Method Number Five - Restoration of a Rope By Substitution
43 Apparatus for Exchanging
43 The Pocket Exchange
45 TT Exchange
45 An Exchanging Reel

46 Chapter 7 Basic Method Number Six - Substitution of a Concealed Section to Replace Section Cut Off

47 Chapter 8 The Foundation of Invention
47 The Three In One Rope Trick: 3 short ropes become one
48 The Die Cast Rope Trick: combining three above methods
50 The Secret Weapon: You Do As I Do, adds a final punch