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Fitzkee, Dariel: Rings In Your Fingers
1946 Magic Limited, Lloyd E. Jones.
2nd Printing, 1977 by Dariel Fitzroy
Hardcover, 6x9", 115 pages
Rings In Your
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Rings In Your
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Comments: "A complete text on methods, techniques, figures, artifices, routines, etc., for performing one of the great classics in the repertoire of magic. It includes modern improvements, suggestions, and ideas, together with routines eliminating the use of the key."  A very thorough coverage of the Linking Rings, as browsing through the contents list will reveal. I believe this is available in a recent reprint. Recommended.

Contents: (Updated Jan 2017 - only Main Chapter page numbers are accurate)

11 Introduction (Fitzkee): provides bibliography of linking ring appearances elsewhere.

15 Chapter One:
15 The Effect
16 Presentation
18 Fundamental Methods
20 The Apparatus
22 The Arrangement of the Rings

24 Chapter Two: Methods of Counting
24 The Drop Count
26 The Pass Count
28 The Wrist Count
29 The Odin Count
31 The Fitzkee Count
32 Variation of the Fitzkee Small Ring Count
33 The Fitzkee Large Ring Count

35 Chapter Three: Substitutions and Exchanges
35 The Odin Exchange
36 Small Ring Exchanges
37 Large Ring Exchanges
38 The Waller Substitution
39 The MacCarthy Clash Switch
40 A Bold Exchange
41 The Ireland Substitution,
42 Twist of the Wrist Exchange
43 Triple Chain Substitution
44 Group Exchanges

46 Chapter Four: Simulated Linking and Unlinking:
46 Chains Disguised as Separate Rings
46 Separate Rings Disguised as Chains
47 Exchanges
48 Apparent Linking by Manipulating Chains
49 Separate Rings Disguised as Linked to Chains
51 Hilliard's Sweep Link
53 Fitzkee's Melting Rings
55 Namreh's Four-Ring Move
58 Penetration Illusion

60 Chapter Five: Methods of Linking:
60 Oldest Method
61 Namreh's Solo Linking
62 The Slash Link
62 The Heel Link
63 The Shoulder Drop
64 The Toss in the Air
65 Secret Linking
65 The Laurant Crash Link
66 Tommy Dowd's Spinning Ring
67 The Omega
68 The Breakaway
68 The Fade-away
69 One In Two
70 Two In One

71 Chapter Six: Secreting and securing the Key Ring:
71 Secreting the Key
73 Body Loads
75 Clips
77 Load From Accessories and Furniture

78 Chapter Seven: The Figures:
78 The Cross
78 The Watch Chain
79 The Shamrock
79 The Seasaw
80 The Gyroscope
80 The Love Seat
81 Two and Two
81 The Hour Glass
82 The Swing
82 The Four Leaf Clover
83 Chair or Garden Seat
83 Parlor Chair
84 The Easy Chair
84 The Butterfly
85 The Bicycle Rider
86 The Box
86 The Mask
86 The Ball or Globe
87 The Rosebud
87 The Opening Rose
87 The Picture Frame, or Shield, or Diamond
88 The Ace of Clubs
88 The Chinese Gong
88 The Handbag
89 The Headdress
89 The Basket
89 The Stirrup
90 The Propeller
90 The Park Bench
90 The Hammock
91 The  Interwoven Chain, or Watch Fob
91 The Armchair
91 The Lantern
92 The Fireball or Alarm
92 Engine Governor

93 Chapter Eight: Ending the Routine

95 Chapter Nine: Routines with Key Rings: (note: routines described are outlines of the steps, no illustrations, patter, or details)
95 Basic Methods
96 Advice on Routines
96 Description of Chung Ling Soo's Performance
97 Ellis Stanyon's Routine
99 Sach's Routine
100 Professor Hoffmann's 8 Ring Routine
101 Professor Hoffmann's 12 Ring Routine
102 Charles Waller Routine
103 Blackstone Routine
104 Grant Stuart Routine
105 Laurant Routine
106 Jean Hugard's 8 Ring Routine
106 Jean Hugard's 11 Ring Routine
107 Odin Routine
108 Hilliard Routine
109 Oriental Rings Routine
110 Present Fitzkee Routine
110 Fitzkee Five Ace Routine
112 Fitzkee Full House Routine
114 P.D. Wyman's Presentation

116 Chapter Ten: Routines Without Using a Key Ring:
116 Objections
116 The L.W. Keyless Routine
117 Weber's Emergency Routine
117 Fitzkee 5 Ring Keyless Routine
118 Fitzkee 7 Ring Keyless Routine

119 Chapter Eleven: Final Suggestions and Ideas