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Fitzkee, Dariel: Linking Ring Manipulation
©1930 Dariel Fitzkee, Pub. The American Studios, CA
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 30 pages
Linking Ring Manipulation
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Dariel Fitzkee: Linking Ring Manipulation

Comments: "With an Original Ring Routine The Oriental Rings". An earlier version of his more complete Rings In Your Fingers of 1946.


1 Preface
2 Correction
3 Linking Ring Manipulation
4 The Old Routine: general explanation

5 Methods of Gaining Possession of Concealed Key Ring
5 The Box Method
5 The Japanese Basket
6 The Newspaper
6 The Table
6 The Handkerchief
6 Other Concealments
6 Body Concealment

7 The Oriental Rings: an 8 ring routine
7 What You See
9 The Apparatus: chain of 3, 2, single, small ring, extra large ring, key ring, and a clip
9 Preparation

10 The Presentation
10 The Wrist Count
10 The Drop Count
11 The Single Ring Count
12 An Exchange
13 A Namreh Solid Ring Move
14 The Clash Link
15 Key Steal
16 Laurant's Clash
18 Triple Chain Substitution
19 To Remove the Center From the Triple Chain
20 The Shoulder Drop
20 The Cascade
20 Jacob's Ladder
21 Mora's Improved Ladder
21 The Hilliard Idea
21 The Melting Rings
21 From Arm to Arm
22 Another Count Idea

22 Variation
22 Locking Key Ring Manipulation
23 The Final Count
24 A Double Ring Move
24 Namreh's Solor Linking
25 The Knockout Finish
25 All Of Your Rings Are Now Singles
26 Two Moves By Loyd Enochs
27 Second Move by Enochs
28 Literature on the Linking Rings

30 Advertisement: Cut & Restored Rope Manipulation , Jumbo Cards (both by Fitzkee) and New and Improved Card Problems by Arthur Buckley