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Fitzkee, Dariel: Contact Mind Reading - Expanded
©1935 1st Dariel Fitzkee
©1945 2nd Ed, D. Fitzkee, Saint Raphael House, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 38 pages
Contact Mind Reading - Expanded
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Dariel Fitzkee: Contact Mind Reading Expanded



5 Introduction (C.A. George Newmann)
6 Preface
7 Intro Letter (Dariel Fitzkee)

9 Chapter One: Introductory

12 Chapter Two: Various Types

18 Chapter Three: Transmitter Instructions

25 Chapter Four: test types defined
25 The Letter Delivery
25 The Hidden Knife
25 The Hidden Ring
26 Sorting Out the Hats
26 The Hidden Object
26 Piano Test
26 Number Test
26 Reuniting Separated Couples
26 The Murder Mystery
27 Returning Borrowed Props
27 Finding the Mentally Selected Card
28 The Book Test
28 The Blackboard Test
28 Locating the Parts of a Dismembered Card
28 Card Playing Demonstration
29 Naming the Chosen or Mentally Selected Card
29 The Pin or Tack Test
31 The Blindfold Drive

32 Chapter Five: Proceeding with the tests
33 The General Test

36 Chapter Six: a suggested routine
38 Interposing a Third Person