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Fetsch, Hen: Chinatown Quarter Magic
©1955 Ken Allen Products, NJ
Softcover, stapled manuscript,5.5x8.5", 8 pages
Chinatown Quarter
Image from Magicref

Comments: Some nice routines for your Chinatown Quarter set. The booklet I own apparently came with a Chinatown Quarter, as there is an empty envelope pasted in the back. Note the mis-spelling of Fetsch as "Fetch" on the cover.


1 Chinatown Finale: a four coin assembly with a twist
2 Chinatown Flip: magician always knows heads or tails in a coin flip, with another twist!
3 Chinatown Surprise: another variation of the above
3 Chinatown Letter: clever transpostion in an envelope
4 Sucker Bait (Herbert Richmond): patter for the above
5 Chinatown In-Out: transposition through a handkerchief
6 Chinatown Budda: Chinatown Quarter combined with Buddha Papers
8 Chinatown Monte: Spectator tries to find the envelope containing the Chinese Coin