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Ferris, Ron: Ferris Wheels and Deals
1980 Magic Inc.
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 64 pages
Ferris Wheels and Deals
Image courtesy eBay seller Slacks!

Comments (Magic Inc.): A big book of Las Vegas style card tricks by one of the Las Vegas magicians, Ron Ferris. Edited by Ed Marlo Illustrated by Gary Darwin, Bob Nelson, Amy Smith.

Contents:(From book ToC, updated Mar 2017)

4 Ferris Wheels and Deals
5 Sunbeams and Deck Dreams
6 Achievements of Ron Ferris
8 Mosaic Mirage
11 36-24-36
13 The Deadman's Dream
17 Tomorroworld
19 Firestorm
22 Empire State Elevator
25 Thunder Number
27 Mint Blackjack Julep
29 Blackjack Jiminy Cricket
31 Hop Step & Jump
33 Blackjack Ju Jitsu
35 Glass Shock
38 Gyroscope Card
42 Dollar Bill Discovery
44 Bottop Transpos
45 Blank Jack
48 Triple Transfusion
52 The Knack of Blackjack
55 Ferris' Famous 20,000 Poker Leagues Under the Sea
58 Bluered
61 Bluered No. 2