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Felsman, Arthur P.: Thirty-Seven Effective After Dinner Tricks
And How to Perform Them
©1920 Arthur P. Felsman, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 33 pages
37 Effective After Dinner Tricks
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Arthur P. Felsman: Thirty Seven Effective After Dinner Tricks



1 A Novelty With Paper Balls: four balls come together under a hat
3 Impromptu Magic With a Pack of Camels: depends on words printed on cigarette pack
3 The Mysterious Sugar Trick: mark vanishes from sugar cube to appear on spectator's palm
4 The String and Straw Trick (Joseph J. Kolar): string is cut but straw is not
5 Another Straw and String Trick: with a second cutting
6 A Simple Experiment With Static Electricity: with strip of newspaper
7 Mysterious Ashes: ashes rubbed on arm reveal selected person
8 The Chinese Coin Trick: coin is removed from string
8 The Phantom Ring: ring appears on cord tied between wrists
9 A Smashed Watch Surprise: a gag
9 Funny Figures: mathematical trick
10 A Dictionary Trick: a dictionary book test
10 Solid Through Solid, Pocket Edition: wooden match penetrates a safety pin
11 The Up-to-Date Paper Tearing Trick: paper strips
12 An Addition to the Up-to-Date Paper Tearing Trick - The Fake Exposure
13 The Uncanny Cigarette Papers: two effects
13 The Spirit of the Dead: living/dead test
15 The Cut and Restored Ribbon Trick: silk ribbon
15 Mens Revelo: special carbon envelope
16 The Cigarette From Nowhere: invisible cig becomes real
17 A Sponge Ball Routine: With two sizes of sponge balls
18 A Glass of Water and a Coin: coin turns into a glass of water
18 Jumping Rubber Band: from fingers to fingers
18 Burning a Lump of Sugar: stunt
19 The Vanishing Coin: coin dropped into goblet of water vanishes, no clear disc
19 The Travelling Pennies: pennies assemble under one card
20 A Novel Coin Trick: die and coins transpose
20 The Rope and Ring Trick: ring removed from rope
21 A Cut and Restored Rope Routine: with gimmicked rope
22 The Phantom Papers: prediction with cigarette papers
23 Projection of Thought: numerical prediction
23 The Four Pennies: pennies transfer from hand to hand
24 The Vanishing Glass: while seated, under a paper cone
24 Projection of Thought No. 2: using carbon
25 Dollar Bill and Lemon Trick: borrowed bill vanishes and is found in lemon
27 Mentalism De Luxe: a full mentalism act
28 - Test Number One Card Test
29 - Test Number Two Cigarette Test
29 - Test Number Three Crayon Test
29 - Test Number Four Purse Test
30 - Test Number Five Initial Test
31 - Test Number Five [sic] Watch Test
32 - Test Number Six Book Test