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Ralph Felder: Mapping Miracles - Workable Ways to Meaningful Magic
Felder, Ralph: Mapping Miracles - Workable Ways to Meaningful Magic
©2017 Mapping Miracles Inspirations (
eBook, 6x9", 213 pages
ISBN: 978-0-692-94956-6
Felder: Mapping Miracles
Image courtesy Ralph Felder

Comments: Edited by Malcolm Campbell, Illustrated by Tony Dunn, cover art by Ralph Felder. 165 black & white illustrations. The book is a gateway to incrementally and effortlessly learn: 1) Creative & critical thinking with scientific learning methods 2) To identify weak areas to improve and overcome the unexpected 3) To set and apply personal goals relevant to you and your audiences 4) How to apply an Outcome-Based Evaluation System to your magic 5) Using 20 audience-tested, fully scripted, professional routines with 80 total effects. Available through Murphy's Magic Supplies. Some of the material in this book originally appeared in the ‘Linking Ring’, the official journal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (

Contents (contributed by author):

xi Foreword
xii From The Author's Desk

1 Introduction

5 Chapter 1 - A Taste of Magic
5 Experiencing a Kids Performance
6 Reality and Illusion
8 Magical Effects
10 Types of Magic Performances

15 Chapter 2 - Focus on the Fundamentals
15 Goals and Motivation
16 An Approach to Success
17 Define Yourself
18 Know Your Audience
20 Leadership
21 Performing Tips
24 Performance Enhancement
25 Learning Methods and Resources

35 Chapter 3 - Creativity and Magic
35 The Role of Creativity
35 Developing Creativity
37 Creative Vs Critical Thinking Skills
41 Creativity at Work

49 Chapter 4 - Designing a Magic Act
50 The Application of Excel Spreadsheets

57 Chapter 5 - Establishing and Maintaining Quality
57 Quality Engineering
57 Outcome-Based Evaluation
60 Contingency Management
61 Recovering from the Unexpected

65 Chapter 6 - More about Magic
65 Milestones in Magic
67 Coin Magic
70 Card Manipulation

73 Curtain Call: Where do we Go from Here?

74 About The Author

75 LAGNIAPPE: 'Reflections'

A-1 Appendix - The Twenty Example Magic Routines
A-2 Two Dollar Bill Transformation
A-6 Wild Card
A-10 Illusion Scale
A-13 Bermuda Triangle
A-18 The Color Stripe Restoration
A-20 Upside Downside Soda
A-27 Anatomy of a Coin Retention Vanish
A-29 Three-Book Test
A-33 Miser's Dream
A-38 Cups and Sponge Balls
A-46 Sucker Die Box
A-49 Liquid Light Color Effects
A-56 Stiff Rope
A-62 Twentieth Century Silks with Entergy
A-65 A Lesson in Misdirection by Slydini
A-69 Eight-Coin Transposition
A-74 Alchemist Coins with Scarf Penetration
A-90 Hopping Corks with Hats
A-95 Miracles with Coins and Glasses
A-109 Sponge Ball Spotlight Routine

B-1 References