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Feinman, Jeffrey: The Catalogue of Magic
©1979 Simon and Schuster, NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 159 pages
(also in Hardcover)
The Catalogue of Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller CosanostraMagic
Jeffrey Feinman: The Catalogue of Magic

Comments: From the back cover, "This indispensable book presents the best magic effects available from designers, manufacturers, and dealers, all with names and addresses to which to write, along with the latest prices. Additionally, each trick is described: what it is an how it is performed. Many also have an accompanying photograph of the device or the illusion."

Contents (Chapters Only):

I Magic - An Ancient Art in a Modern World
II Stage Illusions on the Grand Scale
III Conjuring With Cards
IV Coins and Currency
V Escape Magic
VI Mental Mysteries
VII Creating Close-Up Confusion
VIII Staging Small Stage Illusions With Style
IX Animal Antics
X Silken Sorcery