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Fedko, John: Magic Classics
1975 Fedko Magic Company
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 22 pages
Magic Classics
Image courtesy eBay seller MHMagicMagazines

Comments: Note: I have an old set of notes with this title that is missing "Ultra Coins Thru Table" and "Simplex Elevator Aces", but this set has an entirely different cover and is likely and earlier set.


1 China Lingo: presentation and patter for the Chinese Sticks
3 Ultra Coins Thru Table
5 Simplex Elevator Aces
7 Hanko: presentation for your Change Bag & Breakaway fan and wand
9 Eggsacto: Presentation for a Chick Pan, Egg Bag, and Atomic Lamp
11 Rope Acto: knots appear on a rope
13 Cone, Coins & Cube (C3): Cylinder and coins presentation
15 Exchango: Red and Blacks are mixed, but remain together