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Fedko, John: The Best of John Fedko
©Unknown, John Fedko
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 21 pages
The Best of John
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1 Miracle Book Test: any book and a forcing deck
2 Simplex Giant Coin Production: quickie
3 Triple Prediction: cards
4 Ultra Magazine Test: three magazines, 9 coins, and cards
5 Birds of a Feather: cards are sympathetic
6 Topsy-Turvy Smiling Face: packet effect with a Smiley Face card
8 Weighing the Aces: Magician balances piles by weight, and finds an Ace on the bottom of each
8 Instant Elevator Aces: 4 Aces come to the top
9 Ultra Coins Thru The Table: performed seated
11 Fedko's Lazy Magician: Spectator finds his own selection based on number given by magician
13 Poker Player's Nightmare: tongue-in-cheek gambling demonstration]
13 - Mississippi Shuffle Version A
14 - Mississippi Shuffle Version B
14 - Mississippi Cut
16 Fedko Tri-Pentro: Okito box routine with a round deck of cards, a magnetic coin, a C/S coin, etc.
17 Linko: John Fedko's linking ring routine using normal 8 ring set
20 Simplex Mental Card Act: magician reveals three thought of cards