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Farmer, Bob: Tsunami
©1987-1988 Bob Farmer
Paper, stapled, 8.5x11", 20 pages
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Comments: Several variations of a single effect, based on a card con.


1 Introduction
2 Stacked Deck Version
6 Special Deck Version
7 Impromptu Version
11 You Can Lead a Gift Horse to Water But You Can't Look it In the Mouth
12 Five Card Versions
12 One No Is Once Enough Is Not Enough
15 Impromptu Impromptu Version Once One No Is Once Ehough Is Not Enough Is Not Enough
16 220 Count Location Simplified
17 High Card Force
17 Finesse
17 Koran 101 Strategy
18 Character of Questions
18 Filve Piles
18 Overcon
19 Credits
19 Mesmeric Revelations: Quoting The Maven Semaphore
20 Chart #1
20 Chart #2
20 Humourous Interpolation