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Farelli, Victor: John Ramsay's Cylinder And Coins
©1948 John Ramsay, Self published
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 35 pages
John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MHMagicMagazines

Comments: "Described in the Minutest Detail". 47 photographs.


 4 Preface (John Ramsay)
5 Rough Outline of the Effect
6 Requirements
7 Arrangement
8 The Routine
8 I The First Feint
8 II The Second Feint
11 III Fanning the Coins
11 IV Passing the Cork Through the Cylinder
13 V Showing the Cylinder Empty
14 VI Showing That the Four Coins are Separate
14 VII Dropping Coins Through Cylinder
15 VIII Passing Cork Through Cylinder
16 IX Position
17 X Disappearance of the First Coin
19 XI Interlude Coin Through Hand
21 XII Disappearance of Second Coin
22 XIII Showing All Clear
24 XIV Disappearance of Third Coin
25 XV Disappearance of Fourth Coin
27 XVI Coins and Cork Under Cylinder
28 XVII Secret Transfer of Coins
28 XVIII Covering The Stack
29 XIX Re-Appearance of First Coin
29 XX The Second and Third Coins
29 XXI The Fourth Coin
30 XXII Re-Appearance of Cork
31 XXIII Packing Up
33 A Final Tip