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Fantasio: My Canes and Candles
©2000 Ricardo “Fantasio” Roucau, L&L Publishing
Illustrations by Alan Wassilak; Design & Composition by Andrew J. Pinard
Hardcover, 136 pages
My Canes and Candles

Comments: From "In this beautiful, fully-illustrated volume, you'll learn everything you ever needed to know about Fantasio's appearing and vanishing canes, candles and wands: their care and maintenance, complete effects and routines, and innovative ideas that could only have been thought of by their inventor."


vii About the Author
vix Introduction
vxi Foreword

1 Chapter 1: The Fantasio Canes and Candles
1 Care & Maintenance
1 Introduction
2 Twirling a Cane Between the Fingers

5 Chapter 2: The Appreaing Cane
5 Parts of the Appearing Cane
5 How to Remove and Replace its Parts
6 Closing and Opening the Appearing Cane
8 Holders for the Appearing Cane

9 Chapter 3: Tricks With the Appearing Cane
9 From Silk to Cane
9 Color-Changing Cane
9 From Small Candle to Cane
10 From Torch to Cane
11 Additional ideas

13 Chapter 4: The Vanishing Cane
13 Parts for the Vanishing Cane
13 How to Remove and Replace its Parts
14 Opening and Vanishing the Cane

17 Chapter 5: Tricks With the Vanishing Cane
17 Cane to Double Silks
19 Cane to a Larger Silk
19 Color-Changing Cane to Silks
21 The Triple Color-Changing Cane
22 The Twentieth-Century Cane
24 The Dancing-Vanishing Cane
30 The Acrobatic Cane

35 Chapter 6: The Vanishing Wand
35 Parts of the Vanishing Wand
35 How to Remove and Replace its Parts
36 Opening and Vanishing the Wand

37 Chapter 7: Tricks With the Vanishing Wand
37 Wand to Two Silks
37 Wand to One Silk
37 The Twentieth-Century Wand
37 Wand to Card Silk

39 Chapter 8: The Vanishing Candle
39 How to Remove and Replace its Parts
39 Parts for the Vanishing Candle
40 Opening and Vanishing the Candle
40 Filling the Candle with Fluid
41 Candle Holders
42 Special Gimmicked Hole for Silks

43 Chapter 9: Tricks With the Vanishing Candle
43 Candle to Silk
43 Vanishing Candle with a Silk Cover
45 A Variation with a Ring
45 Silk from the Candle Flame
46 Vanishing Lit Candle with Silk
48 Twin Vanishing Candles
50 Candelabra-cadabra
50 Color-Changing Candle plus Vanishing
52 Additional Ideas

53 Chapter 10: The Appearing Candle
53 Parts of the Appearing Candle
53 How to Remove and Replace its Parts
53 Closing and Opening the Appearing Candle
53 Filling the Candle with Fluid
54 Holders for the Appearing Candle

57 Chapter 11: Tricks With the Appearing Candle
57 Producing the Candle Lit
58 Candle from Behind the Silk
58 Silk to Candle
59 Cigarette to Candle
60 Balloon to Candle
60 Additional Ideas

61 Chapter 12: Cane And Candle Combinations
61 Candle to Silk to Cane
61 Cane to Candle and Silk
62 Canes and the Niffen Tube
62 Silk to Cane and Lit Candle
63 Candle Transposition
64 Additional Idea

65 Chapter 13: More With Canes
65 No-Tape Color-Changing Canes
65 The Card Sword Cane
68 The 21st Century Cane
71 Triple Color Changing Cane to Flag
73 The Real Vanishing Cane (as an opener)
75 The Real Vanishing Cane (at any time)
76 The Vanishing Cane in Opera Hat

77 Chapter 14: More With Candles
77 The Appearing-Vanishing Candle
78 Locking a Vanishing Candle Extended
80 Clean-Move Candle to Silk
81 Candle to Silk with Bang and Glitter
82 Flash String to Candle
82 Clean-Cut Candle
83 Candle, Tube and Silks
84 The Rising Candle to Silk
86 The Candle, Tube and Reel
88 The Real Vanishing Candle
89 Candle to Ball

91 Chapter 15: Canes and Candles Encore
91 The Challenger Gimmick
92 The Challenger Cane
93 The Challenger Candle
94 Flaming Thumb Tip
95 Lit Match Production—Sure Fire
96 Acrobatic Color-Changing Cane
97 Automatic Vanishing Candle
100 Special Candles
100 The Ribbon and the Candle
102 Appearing Lit Candle

106 Chapter 16: Canes and Candles to Bouquet
106 Construction of the Feather Bouquet
111 Chapter 17: Tricks with Feather BOUQUETS
111 Special Parts to Load and Hold the Bouquets
112 Cane to One Bouquet
112 ancing Cane to Bouquet
112 Cane to Double Bouquet
112 Wand to Bouquet
113 Candle to Bouquet

114 Helpful Advice
115 Final Comments