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Fajuri, Gabe: Cups & Balls. A Treatise on the World's Oldest Deception
Illustrations by Elise Putnam
©2003 FUN Inc., Chicago, IL,
32 pages, stapled, $3.50

Fajuri Cups And Balls

Comments: Decent inexpensive introduction to the Cups & Balls featuring Dai Vernon's Impromptu Cups & Balls routine. Clear line-drawings throughout. Recommended.


3 Introduction: by Bob Read
4 The Basic Routine: this is the basic "balls penetrate the cups" instructions that come with the $5 red, blue, and yellow Royal Magic cup set. No sleight of hand required except for the inertia move to keep the hidden ball in the cup as it is placed on the table.
6 Terminology: terms such as "Attic", "Steal", and "Final Load" explained
7 Tools for the Job: selecting cups based on size, weight, and space
8 Balls: which type to use
9 The Wand: some tips on selecting one
9 Essential Sleights: Finger Palm
10 The False Transfer
11 Roll Down Vanish: ball rolls down one hand into the other
11 Basic Load #1: from finger palm
12 Basic Load #2: from finger palm into tilted cup
12 Tip Over Load: While tipping a ball off the inverted bottom
13 Steals: pinky steal
13 The Inertia Move: keeping the ball in the cup
14 The Scoop Move: ball is apparently scooped into the cup
14 Trick Cups? some comments on liquid loads, kicker cups, and the Chop cup.
15 Screwing a Cup Together: visual gag
15 Wand Through Cup: another gag
16 Cup Through Cup: a cup is apparently dropped right through another cup
16 Measuring a Cup: similar to the Wand Through Cup, the inside is shown to be deeper than the outside
17 Patter and Misdirection: general discussion on using patter to misdirect
18 Dai Vernon's Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine: as originally published in "Stars of Magic". Nesting cups are NOT required.
23 Notes: Using glasses wrapped in paper as cups, notes on the final load
24 Additional Phases/Sequences: Additional moves that can be incorporated into any routine
24 Two-None-Two
25 Inexhaustible Cups: from Edwin Sachs' Sleight of Hand
25 Stacked Appearance: from the "attic"
26 Penetration Sequence
28 Producing Balls from the Wand: Charles Bertram
29 Through the Table
29 Unusual Effects With Cups: different ending ideas
30 Don Alan's Silk Production: Silks from the cup (from Pretty Sneaky)
30 Alex Elmsley's Salt Finale: no details are provided, just a general explanation
31 Final Thoughts: Originality and a brief discussion of Tommy Wonder's two cup and balls routine.
32 Advertisement for additional Fun Inc. publications