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Fabjance, John: What You Need to Know about the Svengali Deck
©1971 Fabjance Studios, Inc., ILL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 34 pages
What You Need to
              Know About the Svengali Deck
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Comments: "A collection of illustrated tricks, routines, and ideas for the Svengali deck. Additional bonus: The Town House professional routine by Bev Taylor." Illustrations by Linda Sims.


1 About the Svengali Deck
3 Handling the Deck
5 Card Tricks You Can Do With the Deck
5 Prediction Tricks
6 Spelling Tricks
7 Counting Tricks
8 Professional Routine (Bev Taylor): a combination of tricks with the deck along with suggested patter
17 Part II Additional Ideas and Routines
17 Clever Ways and Means to Find the Selected Card: over 40 location approaches you could use with the Svengali deck or for any card location