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Fabian: T.N.T. (Twelve New Tricks)
©1946 Goodliffe Publications, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 52 pages
T.N.T. Twelve New
Image courtesy eBay seller DiddyWench
Fabian: T.N.T.

Comments: Illustrated by Dennis


3 Publisher's Foreword
5 The Conjurer Comes Forward (Ron Bishop): essay on style, rehearsals, building up the act, and patter
15 Allez Oop!! (Jack Shepherd): several tricks shown in the attempt to perform a "juggling" act
20 Glass Distinction (Robert W. Edmanson): Five cards from one 10 card packet transpose to other 10 card packet in a glass
23 The Grand National (Syd the Sorcerer): A spirit slate routine around a horse race
25 Picture Projection (Arthur Eydmann): two person mentalism with 12 symbol cards
27 The Spanish Prince (John K. Bays): flying knots rope trick for children's shows (only the story is provided, no details of the flying knots)
29 The Mechanical Banner (Jack Le Dair): full routine for a "good night" banner, as a card prediction
35 Blown Egg (Syd The Sorcerer): a gag
37 The Chinese Chain (A.G. Jacobs): a cut and restored paper effect
41 Cigarettes to Pocket (John K. Bays): three cigarettes held in left hand travel to right pocket
43 The Quick and the Dead (Peter A. McDonald): a living and dead test with 12 cards and the audience
47 Decks In Sympathy (Arnold Gibson): one of two decks is chosen, and the other is wrapped with a band. Three cards are reversed in the chosen deck, and the same three cards are found reversed in the banded deck
50 Cabinets & Crinolines (Wilfrid Jonson): a lightweight stage illusion described