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Ezell, Jeff: Jeff Ezell's Close-Up & Parlor Magic
©2002 Jeff Ezell
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 36 pages
              Ezell's Close Up and Parlor Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller MHMagicMagazines
Jeff Ezell: Close Up and Parlor Magic



1 Forward (David Regal)
2 Protocols
2 Resources: books referenced
3 Credits

4 Triple Card Production: three selections located in a magical manner
4 - Spinning Turnover
6 Card Morph: a wrong card slowly and visibly turns into the right one
8 Mental Card Reading: spectator selects card divined by Magician, can be repeated
9 No Palm, No Misdirection, Card to Pocket: one card selected from packet of four vanishes and is found in pocket
9 - Ascanio Spread
12 McClintock Twist: Cards change from backs to faces one at a time
15 Business Card Mind Reading: impromptu, magician determine which business card was written on by which of three spectators
17 Jeff Ezell's Bill Switch: signed bill to paper and back; you are left clean
20 McDonald's Blankety-Blanked: Four Aces produced, and jump to one packet
23 Po' Man's Color Changing Sticks: a "safe" version of the color changing knives
24 Ezell Shuffle Control: control a card to the top
27 Invisble Coin Vanish & Production: single coin appearance and vanish
28 Two-Man Tricks
28 - Coded-Schmoded: determine spectator's chosen card when you return to the room
30 - In Your Face!: Two spectators select cards from two different Magicians (Magi and partner), and each magician reveals the other spectator's card
31 - Card Rub Through Door: Assistant rubs deck on door, and selection passes through to magician on other side
33 Simply Ambitious With a Twist: ambitious card routine
34 Afterword
35 Appendix: Trevor Lewis Force