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Evans, Val: Stacks and Stacks of Cards
©1941 Published by Chas. C. Eastman
Paper, 35 pages
Stacks and Stacks of Cards
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2 Progressive Poker Hands
6 Poker Memory
8 The Ten Game Challenge
9 Bridge or Whist, Pitch or Hilo Jack, Cribbage
10 Black Jack, Fan Tan, Rummy, Poker, Red Dog
10 or High Card Pool
11 The Seven Game Stack
12 Bridge or Whist, Pitch, Cribbage
13 Rummy, Black Jack, Fan Tan, Poker
13 Any Hand Called For (Poker)
18 The Dealer Resorts to Magic
19 Pat Hand Full Houses
21 The Auto Repeato Speller
24 The Million and First Deck
31 The Story of Jack Hartz
34 The Prognostication Pack