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Evans, Val: Patter, Gags and Bits of Business for Magicians
©1935, Pub. Charles C. Eastman, SC
Softcover, Comb-bound, 24 pages
Patter, Gags and
              Bits of Business for Magicians
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Comments: From the Preamble: "The writer feels certain that some, if not all of the patter in this small endeavor will be used. Perhaps not in its entirety, but in part at least."


3 Dollar Bill and Lemon
4 Sympathetic Silks
5 Diminishing Cards
6 The Rattle Bars
7 The Rapping Hand
9 Lane's Grandfather's Card Trick
11 The Twentieth Century Silks
12 Passe Passe Bottles
13 Cut and Restored Rope
14 The Multiplying Thimbles
14 Cut and Restored Turban
15 Torn and Restored Newspaper
17 Eastman's New Chinese Mystery Blocks
18 Ball of Wool and Nest of Boxes
20 Rice Bowls
21 Candle and Handkerchief