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Evans, Henry Ridgley: History of Conjuring and Magic
©1928 H.R. Ridgley, IBM, OH
Hardcover, 226 pages
History of Conjuring and Magic
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Henry Ridgley Evans: History of Conjuring and Magic



7 Proem

15 Part I Genesis of Magic

15 Chapter I Thaumaturgy of the Temples

21 Part II Magic in the Middle Ages and in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
21 Chapter II Superstition and Escamotage

31 Part III Magic in the Eighteenth Century
31 Chapter III Fantasisters of the Fairs and Theatres
59 Chapter IV A Rosicrucian and Sorcerer of the Old Regime

77 Part IV Magic in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
77 Chapter V Prestidigitators of Great Britain and Dominions
95 Chapter VI Conjurers of France, Belgium and Italy
123 Chapter VII Escamoteurs of Central Europe, etc.
137 Chapter VIII Magicians of America

181 Part V Oriental Magic
181 Chapter IX Conjurers of India, China and Japan

187 Part VI Behind the Scenes With the Illusionists
187 Chapter X The Riddle of the Sphinx and the Ghost Illusion
193 Chapter XI The Secrets of Second Sight
201 Chapter XII Laboratories of Legerdemain
213 Chapter XIII Psychology of Prestidigitation

219 Epilogue
221 Appendix: Cagliostro's Seal, Egyptian Hall
224 Index