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Enardoe: Color Changing Knives
©1974 by E.O. Drane Co.
Paper, 2 sided 1/2 page instructions w/line drawings and props
Endardoe Knives
Note: image shows an additional, custom painted all black knife.
Normal set has 2 knives (1 white, 1 gimmick)

: The Enardoe (E.O. Drane backwards) Color Changing Knives is a two knife set containing black and white knives. The knives also have a "puzzle" feature in that they can only be opened by someone in the know. The knives are a bit wide and flat. This is good to prevent "show", but make them a bit more difficult to perform the secret move than some other knives on the market. Although the Enardoe knives are no longer made, a similar set is currently on the market (year 2001) by Phillis Morris. I do not know if the instructions are the same. I like these instructions as a nice, uncomplicated routine for two knives.


1 Effect: A pocket knife is shown on both sides. The knife is placed in the fist, and when shoved out, the handle has changed color. This is repeated and the color changes to the starting color. The magician explains that a second knife is used, and produces a 2nd knife from his pocket. The "invisible switch" is demonstrated by holding the two knives in opposite hands far apart. With a flick of the wrist, both knives trade places.
1 Requirements: props explained
1 Note: about colors
1 Section 1: Showing Both Sides of the Knife

2 Section 2: Causing the Knife to Change Color
2 Section 3: Changing Back to Original Color
2 Section 4: Causing Two Knives to Change Color
2 Patter and Performance
2 Explanation of how to open/close the knives