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Emerson, Arthur: Arthur Emerson's 'S Witch Craft
©1983 Emerson & West
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 47 pages
S Witch Craft
Image from Magicref

Comments: Illustrations by Bill Wells, Cover by Kirk Stiles. Originally came with a 'S Witch Case, which was a vinyl Himber style wallet. This is an entire lesson in presentation and producing magic around Paul Curry's Open Prediction plot, not just a trick.


3 Prologue
4 Table of Contents
5 'S Witch Craft: Introduction
7 The Trick: Paul Curry's Open Prediction using the case
10 The Work: how to prepare for an effect and turning over the case
20 Timing: External vs. Internal, and planning your effect timing
29 Blocking: setting your stage and positioning your audience
36 Impact: the Climax, single vs. double prediction
40 The Presentation: bringing it all together