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Emerson, Arthur: International Imports
©1983 Emerson & West
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 26 pages
International Imports
Image from Magicref
Arthur Emerson: International Imports

Comments: A Collection of conjuring wares first displayed at The Blackpool Magicians Club 31st Annual Convention, Sunday February 27th 1983.

Contents (descriptions added Aug 2017):

2 The Slimmer's Newspaper Cut or Diet Extra: a few snips are made to a newspaper, and it then reveals how to diet
5 Medium, Well Done featuring The Brain Scan Deck: the card named by the audience becomes reversed in a Jumbo deck
11 Big Nothing: card routine for a Himber or other switching wallet
14 One Good Turn: tip on how to flip a Himber wallet
16 The Bell Wringer: three spectators "ring out" the value of a selection which was predicted by the magician, and the card is found inside the bell
19 My Card is Your Card: a prediction card transposes with a playing card selection
21 Wrapping Paper or A Christmas Present for Terry Seabrooke: an adult themed spirit rapping effect
24 The Pegasus Page: a book test where the selected page is missing and found between mylar sheets