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Elsdon, Mark: Six of One
©2006 (circa) Mark Elsdon
Softcover, Comb bound, 8.5x11", 23 Pages
Six of
Image courtesy eBay seller CosanostraMagic
Mark Elsdon: Six of One

Comments: Available as an eBook from Alakazam Magic (UK)

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Origami of Note: spectator's folded bill re-folds into a small T-shirt shape without magician touching the bill
2 Odd Man Out: card selection appears to be only green card in a blue deck, but then the deck is red backed - and can be examined.
3 Wishful Tinkering: Selected card doesn't appear at top, middle, or bottom of deck, then does, and then moves to magician's pocket, with no palming
4 Cardtoon, Too: Cardtoon performed, and then stickman vanishes from deck
5 Memorization: shuffled new deck is memorized so that one card moved can be detected, two cards removed are identified, and then magician names a selected card
6 Sandwich Way Did They Go?: a card sandwich trick with a vanishing deck