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Elmsley, Alex: Mouse Magic
©2000 circa, Alex Elmsley
Softcover, saddle-stitched, A4, 53 pages
Image courtesy eBay seller EarlofMansfield
Alex Elmsley: Mouse Magic

Comments: Originally only available direct from the Alex Elmsley, this manuscript came with a 3.5" floppy disk with Windows 3.1 programs on it, special cards for the Fortune Telling Trick, and the 52 page A4 sized book. The tricks “were developed for a computer whose 2 (or 3) button mouse has standard settings – or even that with a tracker ball.” Dreamt up in around 1996, Alex gives much credit to the development and testing of ‘Mouse Magic’ to such as Gordon Bruce, Peter Duffie, Richard Kaufman, Stephen Minch, Anthony Owen and Paul Wilson. Tenyo later purchased the rights to ‘Mouse Magic’ and released a CD ROM version incorporating the same principle but with new additions and graphics.


3 Introduction
3 Requirements
3 Installation
5 Security
5 General

8 Chapter 1 Sleight of Mouse
8 The Eye of the Mouse
14 The Card in the Screen
19 The Counter

22 Chapter 2 Permutations and Combinations
22 The Other Card
25 Fortune Teller
30 Thought Projection

33 Chapter 3 Improvisation
33 Inexplicable

39 Chapter 4 Tuning the Tricks
39 Securith
40 The Eye of the Mouse
41 The Card in the Screen
42 The Counter
43 Fortune Teller
44 Thought Projection Practice
45 Inexplicable
48 Message Text Files

51 Tailpiece
51 The Calculator Trick