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Ellis, Tim: Ellis in Wonderland
©2010 Tim Ellis
e-Book, 70 pages
Ellis in Wonderland
Image courtesy Tim Ellis

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Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Ultimate Blades: threading blades in the mouth
2 Credit Card Fax: photo on your credit card vanishes and reappears on the spectator's credit card, with you holding the card selection
3 Candle Tips: How to make a candle appear lit, How to take a flame from a candle in your bare hand then return it
4 Deckstress: spectator names any card from a face up spread (4H for example). On the back of the card is written "I knew you would choose the four of hearts", with variations
5 Deathslates: bizarre magic with spirit slates and two decks of cards
6 7 Keys to Paradise: practical method for the '7 Keys to Baldpate' plot
7 Jazz Cards: magician never touches the card, yet the spectator finds the selection
8 Cellular Thinking: A two person telephone code with no codes
9 Cash to Credit Card: Borrowed bill to credit card
10 Bill to Anything: torn and restored bill
11 Shakespeare's Monte: Shakespearean patter for the Jumbo Three Card Monte
12 Bonus articles:
13 - What if magicians were like...? (Humour)
14 - D'News (Humour)
15 - Magical Glossary (Humour)
16 - Thumbtip Tips: Three great ways to end clean
18 - Strolling Magic Openings: break into any group
19 - Floorshow Tips
20 - Magic vs the WWE
21 - Original Patter for the Tim Card Poker Deal (Rolando Santos)