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Ellis, Tim: 24 Years of Living Next Door to Ellis
©2010 Tim Ellis
e-Book, 55 pages
24 Years of Living
              Next Door to Ellis
Image from Tim Ellis

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I Introduction (Elly May Drudge): Tim's next door neighbor
1 Krueger Kard Trick: card stab with a Freddy Krueger glove (from 'Nightmare on Elm Street') impaling the selection
2 Spiral Bound: 'Add A Number' pad that you can make in ten minutes
3 Hi Tek Deck: "computer controlled deck of cards" where every card changes to the selected card, but you can spread AND shuffle the deck
4 Soda Resurrection: handling of Anders Moden's 'Healed & Sealed' soda can effect
5 Coins Across: Tim's handling
6 7D: simple card reveal
7 Divide & Conquer: non verbal cueing system to learn the identity of a freely chosen card
8 Big Deal: Blackjack theme
9 Bare Coin Vanish: easy but effective
10 Wifeswapping: BONUS - not on the 24 Years DVD. 'Penny Game' transformed to a stage act
11 Bonus Articles:
12 - Top Ten Clown Names (Humour)
13 - Tips & Idea (includes "How To Get An Agent")
14 - Can You Keep A Secret?
15 - The Soda Saga (The Story Behind Healed & Sealed)